Starry Night FX App for iPhone Review

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A starlight sky is always beautiful. But not necessarily you’ll get to capture the same in night photos. But with Starry Night FX app for iPhone at your disposal, you can give a ‘starry’ background to any of your photos. You can download Starry Night FX iPhone app from iTunes App Store for a nominal $0.99.

Starry Night FX App Features

iPhone’s camera, or for that matter any other mobile camera, is unable to precisely click the beauty of starlight sky owing to its limited hardware. You got to have a really good DSLR to capture the night sky. But Starry Night FX app for iPhone seems to give you a way out. I let you add incredibly realistic and beautiful starry sky to your photos. The effects are realistic enough to make someone believe that the pictures were indeed clicked during the night.

Starry Night FX App for iPhone

Using Starry Night FX iPhone app, you can fill the bare sky backgrounds in your photos with beautiful star glitters through a simple one or two steps process. Simply choose from provided templates and see the stars automatically get blended to your images. Alternatively, you can add various star shaped glitters as you wish. You got various blending modes and an eraser tool to make the images look realistic.

In fact, you also can have unrealistic ‘starry’ background as well, such as the Milky Way in the background of your photo. Using the app, you can place various star shaped objects on the background and have its opacity, size and shapes adjusted to give a different feel to the photos. Adjust your final results with selection of high quality filters before saving it in the photos library. The app is well integrated with Twitter and Facebook means you can share your modified photos with others easily.

Starry Night FX application is designed to work in iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 running iOS 5.1 or higher.


Starry Night FX app for iPhone gives you the option to give starry background to your otherwise dull looking night photos. You can choose from provided templates or add your own star shapes and adjust it to fit the photo in hand. The app is easy to use for most parts. SNS integration comes handy. Overall, a decent photo effect application you don’t mind having in your iPhone.

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