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ABCKit app for iPhone helps to teach kids the letters in English and Spanish based on the Montessori methodology. This early learning application – suitable for preschool, Kindergarten and older beginners – focuses on phonics throughout, and comes across as an ideal tool for those who want to teach Spanish/Catalan phonetically. You can get the app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

ABCKit App Features

ABCKit app for iPhone includes three activities – Know, Hear and Write in the said languages. In ‘Know’, you’ll be able to flip through phonics-based alphabet book. In each page, you could listen to the sound the letter makes, and the name of the object shown for sound-object association. The letter is displayed in upper case. In ‘Hear’, both the lower and upper case letters are shown. It tells the sound of the letter, the way it is pronounced. Touch on the uppercase letter, and it says its short sound. When the lowercase letter is tapped, the app says the letter name. Just the perfect way to learn the ropes of a new language!

ABCKit App for iPhone

In ‘Write, the uppercase block letters displays, and says its sound when pronounced, while an animation displays its correct order and formation. A little orange ball traces over the letter concerned, and then a dotted line appear along with a helper arrow to guide the user in case they go off-track somewhere. You can clear the letter and try again for practice. It is also quite easy to toggle to lowercase letters.

You can change the languages from the settings tab. It is also possible to have the alphabet order as random, or in the reverse. You can also turn off the animation in writing section if you want it so. Further, you can have the pages advance automatically rather than you turning it.

In terms of performance, the English sounds are well pronounced. The same goes for Spanish and Catalan. After all, they can’t wrong there as iPhone ABCKit app is made in Barcelona. The app also got lots of content means you’ll have enough exercises within the app to learn the tongue.


ABCKit app for iPhone is an excellent tool to learn Spanish, if you’re an English speaker person, and vice versa. The lessons are well planned to enable one to learn from the very basics. The letter animations and the focus on phonics make it a lot easier to learn for the beginners. The app is ideal for people teaching these languages to kids. Verdict: Try it out if you want to learn Spanish/Catalan.

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