File Manager App for iPhone Review

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While on the move, some of us prefer to jolt down our thoughts/ideas in the Notes App and have it sent to the email inbox. But doing so frequently inadvertently clutters the inbox, something you don’t want to happen if you’re a regular user of email. File Manager (Premium) app for iPhone gives you a better way to store all kinds of files in clean and well organized manner. Further, you can send iPhone notes and files directly to your Mac, rather than going the email route. You can get File Manager iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes.

File Manager Features

File Manager app for iPhone is a file browser and virtual USB drive for the iPhone. Not only it let you store all types of files, but also have you import files via Bluetooth or send it to your PC via WiFi with a unique numeric URL. You click on the URL to download data from your phone. The best part is that it cuts your inbox out of the equation. You’ll also come to love the feature that let you create new documents from within File Manager app using info in your clipboard or a file you found in the web.

File Manager App for iPhone

Other notable features of File Manager iPhone app include PDF reader, support for Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint, and iWorks documents, integrated music player, search feature, and options to share files via email, Bluetooth or Facebook, and create/extract Zip files. You can also copy, move and zip multiple files, passcode protect files, and sort files by ‘Name’, ’Date’, ’Size’ or ‘Kind’. The ‘open in’ feature let you open files in another application if required.
File Manager is well organized with decent looks. You can easily view the size of each file, or find out how many files are saved in the app, and what amount of memory storage you got. Also, you can create a ‘favorite’ list for quick access; to do that, just slide horizontally over a file’s image.

iPhone File Manager application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 or higher.


File Manager (Premium) app for iPhone is a robust feature-rich tool that’ll help you in dealing with all kinds of files. It is easy to use, got a user friendly interface, and comes with an array of options to work with multiple file types. As far as the average user is concerned, the app brings in lots of value to the table. Verdict: Must have. Try out the free version if you don’t want to spend money upfront.

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