ClickySticky Trains App for iPhone Review

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Trains have always been a fascination for little children. In an age when creativity was unhindered, many of us dreamed to become the person who drives an engine. Now ClickySticky Trains app for iPhone gives iPhone users to relive their old dream; to play with trains until you’re bored. Using the app, you can make a train, load it with cargo, and control the speed of motion, whereas the scrolling background gives a realistic touch to all the action. You can get ClickySticky Trains iPhone app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

ClickySticky Trains App Features

ClickySticky Trains app for iPhone wakes up the child in you. For children, the app ensures unlimited fun, once they figure out how to make a train. They can drag in cars onto the track and watch the train move by tapping the new Play button. Further, they can load it with cargo by tapping and dragging elements/stickers that appear on the top part of the screen.

iPhone ClickySticky Trains app now supports four great scenes: Train Station Scene; Train Collection Shelf Scene; Train Bridge Scene; Train Boxcar Scene; and Train Zoo Scene. Each has decent graphics to say the least. Further, you can rotate the perspective 360 degrees by simply dragging on the screen, so that you can see the train running virtually any possible angle. You can increase/decrease the speed of the train using on screen controls. You can even blow the horn to add a realistic feel to the running train.

ClickySticky Trains App for iPhone

If you want to remove a sticker, simply drag it to the top of the screen and let go. You can also double tap the sticker and tap the trashcan. To change the direction of a sticker, just double tap it and tap the arrow icon. The application works with iOS versions 4.3 or later. In terms of support for devices, the app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone.


You’ll have lots of fun playing ClickySticky Trains app for iPhone. It stokes the forgotten childhood fantasies in you, making it a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. For children, they’ll love its challenge and the little puzzles that come with it. The graphics is decent enough for most parts. The four scenes add the much needed variety to the game play. Overall, a fun game suitable to kill free time.

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