Mobyforce Logistics App for Android Review

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Better workforce management reflects in the quality of services offered to the customers. If you own a business that employs a fleet of agents or field executives who primarily work outside office, perhaps you might wish to have some means to remotely monitor them real-time as they go about doing their job. Mobyforce Logistics app for Android is such a solution that aids you in effective scheduling of resources and real-time monitoring of your employees. Potential clients can try out the app for free for a month. Post the free trial phase, a small subscription fee based on the number of users will be charged.

Mobyforce Logistics App Features

Mobyforce Logistics Android app is a suite of remote workforce management applications, comprising of mobile and web apps for tracking field staff/agents in various industry verticals. In the present form, the app caters to three different sections of people: Delivery Agents, Sales Agents, and Collection Agents. Here is a brief peep into how the app works for each category of people mentioned:

The delivery agent will be assigned a list of delivery advises on a delivery basis by the manager. The agent gets an alert on his Android phone (an SMS) in the morning before he/she sets out for the delivery of the courier. The Mobyforce Server will optimize the route and provides him a route map to reach his/her customer destination. The agent goes to the customers place, delivers the item/courier, and the customer in turn either countersigns on the phone using the stylus and/or the agent takes the snap of customers id card. This digital information is automatically synched to the server along with the GPS coordinate information of the customer deliver location. The manager can view the updates anytime on his PC.

Mobyforce Logistics App for Android

In the case of a Collection Agent, the customers list is already present in the database. This could be loan customers or chit fund customers (say). The manager assigns a potential customer list to the agents in the last week of a month (say). The agent visits the customer’s place or he/she covers the area assigned to him/her in the first fifteen days of the month. If there is a cash transaction involved, the delivery agent collects the money and provides the customer a printed receipt for the said transaction. Here as well, the GPS coordinates and customer Information is updated to the Mobyforce server at the same time.

For Sales Agents such as marketing/sales executives and sales managers of car dealers, they’ll find the app handy for logging-in customer details when they go for sales canvassing. Again, the customer details and GPS co-ordinates are pushed to the Mobyforce server for latter retrieval/reference.

Mobyforce Logistics Android application got a very user friendly interface that is easy to navigate around. You got every relevant option right there on the home screen. The app is compatible with Android OS 2.1 and up.


Mobyforce Logistics app for Android is a complete remote workforce management application suite for businesses employing a large number of field agents/executives. The app comes quite handy in scheduling and monitoring the task assigned to executives. Google Map integration takes care of route mapping, while auto syncing with Mobyforce server ensures precise tracking of customer delivery. If you think you don’t need the entire suite at the moment, you can go ahead and purchase individual modules of the app, possibly for a reduced fee. Verdict: A must have for businesses with a large mobile workforce.

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