Battery Indicator Pro App for Android Review

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If you had used an Android device long enough, you’ll realize that the OS is a bit power hungry. Keep the internet switched on all the day, check emails frequently, and browse couple of websites, alongside making calls or texting, and the battery will be completely discharged by evening most likely. Hence it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the battery status so that you can use your phone more judiciously. Battery Indicator Pro app for Android is such an application that keeps track of the battery status alongside a whole set of other features that you’ll come to love. Battery Indicator Pro Android app costs $1.5.

Battery Indicator Pro App Features

Battery Indicator Pro app for Android always runs in the background with no noticeable effect on the battery life. Now note this part: it is not a widget; so it does not take up home screen space. You can’t find it in the apps drawer either. Instead, it shows up as an additional icon on the notification bar, next to the battery symbol. The available % is displayed on top of the battery icon. From the settings screen, you can set the thresholds to change from green – white- red as battery slowly drains. For example, if you’d set the threshold as 100-70% for green, 69-40% for white, and red for anything below, you can adjust your phone usage accordingly when the indicator changes to white/red color.

Battery Indicator Pro App for Android

If you wish to view more info, swipe down the notification bar and see the battery indicator information in the Ongoing Status section. You can see battery related info such as battery left %, Fully Charge, Charging or Unplugged since TIME, battery health, temperature and battery voltage, and the time of last reading. Further, the app provides alarm feature (full, charge above X, charge below X, temperature above X, or health failure), an option to manually or automatically disable / re-enable device lock screen / lockscreen or keyguard, battery logging that let you log battery state and browse the logs on the phone or export to CSV, and themes for the main window. It should be noted that the app is lightweight. Battery Indicator Pro is designed to work with Android OS versions 2.1 and upwards.


Battery Indicator Pro app for Android is your battery watch dog. It keeps tab of your battery health and associated parameters so that you’re always in the know as to how much juice is left in your phone, at any point in time. Once set it up, the app will run quietly in the background, alerting you only when the battery levels drop to alarming levels. The battery log gives you more idea of what was happening under the hood. And it does not affect the battery life at all, despite it running the whole time behind scene. Verdict: Good one.

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