Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Android App Review

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Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 for Android is an educational app which is aimed at the medical students, professors and other related professionals who study and research about the human body. The application digs deep into the details of the human anatomy thereby providing information and reference materials about every possible detail associated with it. This being the 2017 version of the app is more accurate with even the latest additions, developments and discoveries being incorporated into it. Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 is obviously a paid app, costing around a good $25 to download, install and use from the Play Store.


Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Android app does not limit itself to the display of some texts and images alone. Rather than being a mere e-book of sorts, the application actually lets the user or the student involve in the proceedings thereby making the learning and understanding process easier, just like an online tutor. The app provides access to a large collection of 3D models, animations, high quality images and the related encyclopedic references of all the male and female body anatomy. The user can choose, dissect and select any preferred cross sections to customize the views and learn more details about it. The application houses a huge amount of learning contents in various forms and as a result, there are quite a long list of menus, subdivisions and icons. These categories actually help in keeping the data more organized and arranged, from which the user can easily spot out and move into his area of interest. In addition to the human anatomy, the app also includes and covers quite a bit of the micro anatomy and physiology.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Android App Review

Human Anatomy Atlas for Android ultimately acts like a full-fledged learning tool starting from texts, images to visual broadcasts and even questionnaires. All of these are delivered in the finest quality possible with utmost precision and perfection. The large size, the regular updates and the reliable brand name make sure that the quality is never compromised anywhere in the app.


Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 for Android is a must have application for all those who study, want to study or teach about the essentials of the human body. It is indeed an encyclopedia of sorts, which delivers everything related to the subject and makes you learn in the most comprehensive manner.

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