Simple Food Diary iPhone App Review

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Being overweight is not a healthy proposition. But it is not so easy to lose weight, especially when you have no idea how much calorie you consume per day. Simple Food Diary for iPhone help you manage the complexity of counting calories. The app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes.

What is it about?

Simple Food Diary iPhone app let you keep a photographic log of every food you eat. You will be surprised to find out that this simple process will bring more thoughtfulness to your eating. You will be able to keep track of things you consume quickly and easily. Keeping the photo log also help you quickly identify and cut down on items that might be contributing to your weight gain. The bottom-line is that you will more cautious about the things going down your throat.

Simple Food Diary iPhone App Review

Simple Food Diary for iPhone has a reasonably user friendly layout and design. You can easily set any number of daily reminders on you food timings and habits. When you upload a photo, the app automatically notes down the date and time of said photo. That is, you don’t have to manually enter the dates. Simply Swipe to add notes, delete, or share. Your eating history is presented in an easy to read format. You can simply scroll through it to find what you consumed a week or two back. The app also presents daily, weekly and monthly views, in case you wish to catch up on your eating patterns. In terms of performance, Simple Food Diary for iPhone is stable and responsive. We have not encountered any lags or freezes while using the app. The color theme also looks nice on eyes. Simple Food Diary app requires iOS versions 9.0 or higher.

Why we love it?

Simple Food Diary app for iPhone helps you keep tab of your calorie intake. It will also give you a fair idea about how much workout is required to burn the calories consumed. The photo log will have a bigger impact on your mind as far as calorie count of a food item goes. The UI gestures are intuitive at best. Daily, weekly and monthly views on your history is a nice touch. We also found the app to be slick and responsive. Overall, a nice food app that help you keep the excess calorie intake under check.

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