i2Reader Cloud iPhone App Review

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Voracious readers always want a smooth reading experience. If it combines great visual quality with a book-like feel, the better. i2Reader Cloud app for iPhone does that. You can download i2Reader Cloud – cloud-sync fb2, epub ebook reader app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


i2Reader Cloud iPhone app has tried to make the reading experience as natural as possible. The rendering looks exactly as in a paper book, complete with footnotes at the bottom of the page. Simply select a text or sentence to translate or copy. When reading, you can assign 3D Touch to one of these options: Wikipedia, online translator or dictionaries. Press on a word and the assigned option will run right away, bypassing the context menu. Of course, you can customize the font to suit your requirements. You can change various aspects such as font size, colours, background, including paragraph and line spacing. As you fire up the app, you’ll be given an introduction to the features of the app. You can download books from Dropbox, Google Drive and Yandex disk, as well as public OPDS libraries. For those who prefer a hands free approach, the app supports vertical text scrolling with adjustable by horizontal swipe speed. The app also integrates with Google Translate that you can even use the app to read foreign language books.

i2Reader Cloud iPhone App Review

A notable feature of i2 Reader app for iPhone is that all members of your family can read the same books, while not interfering with each other. Besides, the new feature enables you to highlight text fragments and comment on it, thus making up mini-chats in your own mini social/family networks. Further, you can search for the titles based on category. The app also facilitates voice/audio reading with the use of voice synthesizer. You can also share quotes to Facebook, twitter, Evernote or send then via email. Performance wise, the app is stable. i2 Reader requires iOS 7.1 or higher.

Final Take

i2Reader Cloud app for iPhone makes reading in your iPhone a breeze. Translation feature comes handy. The ability to customize fonts, font size, and background is a nice touch. Users can also highlight text fragments and comment on it. Advanced features like auto-scrolling and auto turning however comes as a paid in-app purchase. The app is stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a reliable ebook reader.

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