Tangent iPhone App Review

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Tangent for iPhone is a photo effects app that let you transform your photos into trippy works of art. Irrespective of your level of artistry, you can still make the photos look nicer and better. The app can be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Tangent app for iPhone is an ideal tool for creative types who enjoy working with photos. The app provides infinite opportunities to transform your photos into amazing works of art that can be shared and enjoyed, no matter what your level of artistry. It’s an incredibly easy way to elevate your photos into a new realm of creative expression. Simply click a new photo or upload one from the camera roll. In the app, you can select from a toolbox of dazzling frames, shapes, patterns, fills and blends, then apply. It features 35 easy-to-use, fully customizable styles that professionally combine shapes, patterns and blends for an amazing look. Further, you can choose from 70 versatile shapes, 68 background patterns, and 350 stunning combinations of blends and colors. As in typical photo apps, you can drag, resize, rotate and zoom, add colors and adjust opacity–whatever inspires you. Simple-to-use slider lets you adjust colors and opacity easily. You can also rotate, zoom, drag and resize the images at will. Once done with the edit, you can share your creations with others via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Tangent iPhone App Review

The UI of Tangent app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. It is easy to navigate. Choosing relevant options from menu is a cake walk. The controls are intuitive at best. We also found the app to be stable and responsive for most parts. Tangent app requires iOS versions 7.1 or higher.

Reliable Photo Editor

Tangent app for iPhone is your reliable photo editor with intuitive controls and lots of customizable shapes, frames and patterns. It is easy enough to modify the photos. The UI is largely user friendly, while the layout makes it easy to navigate. Social network integration makes it easy to share the photos with family and friends. The app is also slick and responsive. Overall, a nice and easy to use photo editor app worth checking out.

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