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If you are looking for a web browser which can provide fast connectivity, toggling between tabs, quick file uploads and much more. Then you can end your search with iCab Mobile app iPhone, which is all in one solution for mobile browsing. It has versatile features to amaze its users. iCab Mobile Web Browser for iPhone is quite fast, secure and reliable for day to day activity like browsing, uploading and data transfer. All features are designed keeping different requirements and needs of users across regions. Apart from advanced inbuilt features, its UI is also very attractive and user friendly. iCab Mobile app can be downloaded for $1.99 from Apple`s iTunes Website.


Though iCab Mobile for iPhone has lots of features, but few of them are really very impressive. Features like quick search engine, cloud connect, air print support are more preferable by users across regions. You can do surfing much faster than before because of multi touch gesture support. Another thing which differentiates it from others is quick launch ability of the browser. There is also a possibility of configuring browser ID (user agent) in iCab Mobile. With this smart web browser, you can also search for international domain names. That means all domain names which have language specific characters can be searched through iCab mobile. If you want that no history of browsing should be maintained then you can switch to private browsing.

iCab Mobile Web Browser iPhone App

For this, you need to enable private browsing mode (no history and no cookies are stored in this mode). Other than that, you can also clean history, cookies and stored information manually. If you are using Dropbox (cloud storage space), then you can exchange downloads, bookmarks, images and files to your account. Other than saving things on cloud, you can also save images, web pages and PDF files in phone memory. iCab Mobile app supports full screen browsing along with kiosk mode (restricted variation of full screen mode). You can maintain bookmarks, address book and allow RSS feeds also in this browser. To save data, you can enable page compression mode so opening web pages will consume less data. In this version, you will find different color schemes, so you can choose any one based on your requirement. There is a mechanism of URL based filter. That feature helps to prevent opening of many advertising banners while surfing. You can edit, add or remove filters anytime you need. iCab Mobile app is compatible with iOS version (7.0) or higher.


The performance of iCab Mobile app for iPhone is very appealing. All in built features are good enough to support user requirements. Overall, it is a complete package to users in terms of their mobile browsing needs. Worth downloading for better and fast mobile browsing.

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