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In the old days of retro consoles, we played for longer durations because you could not save some games back then. They were also much challenging. In the present times, you can find challenging games in iTunes App Store. But you got to dig deep to find really difficult games. If you’re looking for such a game, we might have something in the store for you: Rise from Purgatory for iPhone. You can download this platformer for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


After playing Rise from Purgatory app for iPhone for few minutes, you’ll realize that the graphics is not that impressive. It changes only slightly through the levels, and it all start to feel monotonous. But the sound effects are excellent. It certainly racks up the overall quality of the game by few notches. In the game, you control a fancy dressed guy through the levels. The controls are intuitive. You press the buttons on screen to move, jump or shoot bullets left and right. Unlike other games, the movement buttons are all on the right side of the screen. You also have the option to dodge the obstacles by pressing the down key. Interestingly, this looks quite hilarious as if your character is pulling a very extreme dance move.

Rise from Purgatory iPhone App

As mentioned, Rise from Purgatory for iPhone is pretty challenging. You’ll face hidden obstacles hurling at you from nowhere, only to impale you and bringing an end to the level you’re in. Other times, there are guards to catch hold of you, and if you manage to dodge them, they’ll try to shoot you down anyway. The game play often leads to frustration as the game tries to punish you in all silly ways, and your progress becomes very tough. Rise from Purgatory requires iOS 6.0 or higher.


If you’re not easily distracted by the ordinary graphics and lackluster level design, you might enjoy Rise from Purgatory app for iPhone. It is tailor made for those who love challenging platformer games. Mind you, the game play can get frustratingly difficult at times. The sound effects are good. The biggest turn off however is that the game charges you a dollar to download. Its developers could have sourced revenue by running ads and leave the game for free so that more players could check it out. To sum it up, a platformer for those who like difficult games. Others can give it a miss.

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