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IM+ is a perfect instant messaging application for iPhone users. The advanced iPhone IM+ app efficiently connect different chat interfaces to your iPhone. This app helps you to stay logged in several messenger accounts simultaneously to message all your friends across the world.

The All-in-One Messenger App

There are a lot of instant messenger applications are available for your iPhone. The IM+ iPhone app connects all the popular message services into one app easily. IM+ supports many messenger services such as Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpace, AIM/iChat, ICQ and more. In addition to the common IM client features, IM+ provides some advanced features including email push notifications, speech recognition, geo-location, built-in browser and so on.


IM+ Main Menu Features

When you open iPhone IM+ mobile application, the first thing you have to do is to go and set up all your favorite messaging services that you want to use. You can do this by selecting the More option. Choose Accounts tab and add the different accounts you like. There are four main options you can access from the main page. They are Contacts, Inbox, Favorites and Status. The Contacts option displays all the contacts from your different accounts. In the Inbox option you can check all your conversation history. You can add your favorite contacts to Favorite option. The Status tab helps you to set your status as online, away, invisible or offline.

Advanced Messaging Features

IM+ app provides a variety of unique features to help you to stay connected with all IM clients. The app provides an email push notification function that instantly notifies you when a new mail arrives. The function supports GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Another unique feature is the speech recognition feature. It helps you to dictate messages and you have them typed out. You can set custom status messages and geo-location feature helps your friends to easily locate you. You can also do multi-tasking with built-in browser. You can browse web and open hyperlinks from messages without logging off IM+. There are also animated emoticons and you have also the option to turn off them. You can set various customizable sounds for different functions such as incoming message, push alert, contact online and so on.

Final Thoughts

The IM+ app is easy-to-use and works well with iPhone models. You can download IM+ application free from iTunes application store. The IM+ iPhone app is constantly upgrading and you can expect new advanced features in every month.

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