Quickoffice App for iPhone Review

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Quickoffice is an excellent mobile app package for iPhone users who are looking for office application tools. Quickoffice combines the functionality of both Microsoft Word and Excel. With advanced Microsoft office features, Quickoffice is a perfect iPhone app for business people.

Fully-Featured Office Application

You can easily create a personal office within your iPhone through Quickoffice. You can organize all your office documents and edit, save and email them regardless of your location. Quickoffice app ensures a completely integrated solution for editing, formatting and sharing files without installing any third-party software. The app will help you to edit Word documents and Excel sheets, remotely access files via box.net, Google Docs and MobileMe, transfer files via WiFi, email directly to your iPhone mail application and much more. The app is easy to use with intuitive user interface.


Advanced Word Document Processing

Quickoffice provides Quickword, a word document processing tool offering all the standard word processor functions. You can easily create, open and edit Microsoft Word documents. Some of the major word processing features include: text formatting – font size, bold, italics, underline and styles, auto-correction, auto capitalization, word count, paragraph styling and alignment, bullets and find text feature. Another key feature is that it supports zooming and the app has the ability wrap text at any zoom level. The Quickword function supports all type of word documents including .doc, .txt and .docx.

High Quality Spreadsheet Editor

Another most advanced feature of Quickoffice mobile application is the Quicksheet – an advanced Excel spreadsheet editor. The sophisticated app helps you to edit all your spreadsheet right from your iPhone. All the common spreadsheet editing features such as copy/paste cells, rows, columns, set/remove cell borders, add/rename/delete/reorder worksheets and more are available in this app. The app supports many advanced Excel features such as professional calculating engine, editing in landscape modes, setting cell height and width, extensive formatting and much more. To change the column width or row height, you just have to tap/hold and drag the column/row headers. Quicksheet supports both .xls and .xlsx type of files.


iPhone Quickoffice app is a powerful mobile application that ensures continuous and convenient access of your office files. The application allows syncing of documents through WiFi. When connected to WiFi, the device will generate a URL which can be accessed via a web browser. Most of all, the Quickoffice iPhone app provide complete data integrity and ensures 100% Microsoft compatibility

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