PocketMac Business App for BlackBerry Review

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These days, business can take many different forms. If you are a businessperson that is interested in multimedia and facilitating connections between people in that way, it could very well be the case that your business is reliant on Macintosh software. If this is the case, you might be slightly discouraged by the fact that the BlackBerry really doesn’t have a lot going in that area. At least, that used to be the case until the creation of PocketMac Business.

Turn your BlackBerry into a PocketMac

We all know that Pocket PCs exist, but did you know that you can make your BlackBerry into a PocketMac?  This is certainly something that you can do with multiple apps but it is really the PocketMac Business app that can give you the edge that you need while at the same time keeping all of the things that you love about your BlackBerry in place.


Combine business and raw multimedia power

The advantage that the Mac setup has over the PC setup is the fact that the former is so strong when it comes to multimedia applications and computing. However, in the business environment, those advantages seem to dry up because of the relative lack of professionalism that many Mac applications have. This is not the case with PocketMac business app for BlackBerry. You get that same great raw power in the multimedia area while at the same time getting the opportunity to keep things professional with your BlackBerry device.

Keep your current setup

Although PocketMac mobile application will allow you to put your BlackBerry in sync with your Mac and turn it into a PocketMac device, it is also true that you can maintain all of the current setups that you have with your BlackBerry device. This can come in very handy during times when you have a Mac at home and a PC at work or vice versa. Versatility is important in today’s world and PocketMac Business is a BlackBerry app that definitely has the power to show versatility.

Final Score

PocketMac App for BlackBerry receives a final score of 8 out of 10 from us. The fact that it does not have the greatest free support out there is really what prevented it from scoring higher. You can check this app out in its full glory for 90 days, but at that point you’ll have to decide between full and lite versions of it. It can score higher later on by adopting a freeware version that has less features but will still get the job done.

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