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Communication is an essential element for business. It is more important than personal communication because businesses that work together soar together. In the past, the geographical extent of most businesses was smaller and communication for business was easier. As the economy has become more globalized in the world today, communication for business has become harder. Skype is certainly a great choice for business communication for budding and intermediate enterprises and the iSkoot for Skype app is one that will give you a great jump in that area.

Manage your Skype account from your BlackBerry

The first thing that you can do with iSkoot for Skype is manage your contacts from your BlackBerry device. This means that not only can you gain access to the full list of contacts, you can also update your own status on Skype and even add and remove different contacts from your list depending on how the situation goes. This will allow you to quickly respond to business concerns and it could very well be the app that makes Skype a viable option for your business needs.


Access important Skype features

Managing your account directly from the BlackBerry is important, but it is nowhere near as important as gaining access to important Skype features. Without them, this is essentially crippled software that is not worth your time. Fortunately, you can get push-button Skype calling, access to all of the Skype Out features and of course chatting live over Skype is also available on this BlackBerry app. Being able to do all of these things while mobile might very well be what you need to make Skype into the main communication solution for your current business situation.

Final Score

The iSkoot for Skype application is a fantastic BlackBerry app and it has received a final score of 9 out of 10 from us. It is one of the best software packages out there in terms of excellent specialization. Skype is great for communication, but few in the business community would consider it a long term solution. Now that you can use the Skype calling from your BlackBerry while chatting and increasing your network, the dynamics of those decisions have completely changed. Communication in business is changing and with apps like this one readily available for your BlackBerry, it could very well be true that the businesses that adopt solutions like this one are the ones that will succeed in the long term.

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