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One of the biggest features of the iPhone is its camera. Now, the iPhone camera might take a great photo of a particular moment, but sometimes we feel that the photo needs something extra. The iOS does have a few tools for editing the picture but if you want to add more exciting effects, then one of the best apps that you can use is Infltr – Infinite Filters for iPhone. Infltr app helps you to add more life to your images. How does it do that? Well, let’s find out!

Explore Infinite Possibilities

Infltr – Infinite Filters for iPhone is widely accepted as the best app on the iTunes store that allows you to edit photos, videos, live photos, depth photos and even animated GIFs. So, how many filters are there? Well. Over 7 million! Yes, you heard it right – 7 Million! All you need to do is just click a picture and then pan in any direction to choose the right filter. If you love a ‘filter’, you can just save it as your favorite. Apart from applying filters, there are tons of other things that you can do. For example, you can chose from 17 preset crops or from 12 new adjustment tools. You can use your Apple watch to apply the filters and the use the tools remotely as well. Infltr – Infinite Filters even allows you to edit your panoramic shots in HD. You can also connect your Adobe Creative Cloud account for editing images.

App Highlights

Simple and Intuitive
Dropbox and other cloud platforms supported
Share your edited photos with the in-built iMessage feature
A new filter everyday


Infltr – Infinite Filters for iPhone helps you to get the most from your images. Despite of packing in so many extra-ordinary features, it is still amazingly simple to use. So, install the app and make your images more beautiful.

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