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Life sometimes can get pretty hectic. In such a routine, it is nice if we can catch a quick nap at times just to refresh ourselves. But going to sleep just like that is easier said than done. Some of us find it hard to fall asleep at bedtime, let alone take a quick nap. However, if you have an iPhone, then falling asleep might get easier when you have the White Noise app for iPhone. The White Noise app calms your mind that not only helps you to sleep, but also helps to increase your focus.

Calm Your Mind and Get Some Sleep

White Noise for iPhone is a simple app. It just plays looped sounds that are composed of white noise. This means that they are neither sound nor silence. This masks all the sound from around you that might interrupt your sleep, making you calm and helping you to sleep quickly. This would also help you to increase focus as nothing from the outside world is going to disturb you. So, when you are working on a project or studying, then White Noise app would be of tremendous help. It would even help you to send your toddler off to sleep. Apart from playing the preset loops, you can also mix your own sounds and upload it on the web.

App Highlights

More than 40 soothing loops
Create your own loops
Apple watch support
Background playing
AirPlay to play on Bluetooth or Apple TV
Advanced Mix pads for creating professional loops.
Helps you get to sleep, increases focus, masks tinnitus


White Noise app for iPhone is a simple but highly effective app. It gives you the power to create your own sounds. Controls are really straightforward so that you can start playing the loops right away. So, install the app and change your life for the better!

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