The Talos Principle app for iPhone Review

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The Talos Principle for iPhone has an intriguing concept. As if awakening from a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Tasked by his creator with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles, you must decide whether to have faith or to ask the difficult questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? The game has lots of puzzles to keep you engaged for hours on end. You can get the game for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

The Talos Principle for iPhone features hundreds of puzzles. It is a full-fledged game with over 20 hours of content and entertainment, be it a short challenge for the brain or an entire afternoon filled with exploration and excitement. As you discover your purpose, watch out for the guardians around the ruins. They are there to test your skills, take care not to get blown up by them. In the game, you will explore a story about humanity, technology, and civilization. Uncover clues, devise theories, and make up your own mind. Choose your own path through the game’s non-linear world, solving puzzles your way. You can divert drones, manipulate laser beams and even replicate time to prove your worth – or to find a way out. As you solve the puzzles, you’ll collect sigils that are needed to unlock the security gates to the next area. Some of them are necessary, while some others are not. But you should keep them as it may be proved useful at a later time. It shifts between first-person and third-person perspective, depending on the puzzle you’re solving. But you should keep in mind that choices have consequences and somebody’s always watching you.

The graphics of The Talos Principle is gorgeous to say the least. The game uses iPhone’s latest technology to ensure you have top notch quality in terms of graphics and sound. It is fully rendered in 3D. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Final Take

In The Talos Principle for iPhone, you got to overcome more than 120 immersive puzzles in a stunning world. On the retina HD screen of iPhone, it looks stunning and gorgeous. The non-linear format gives you the choice to take the path you wish, and solve puzzles on the way. Its intuitive tap-and-swipe control system makes game play slick. It is also stable. Overall, a well-made open-world puzzles adventure backed by jaw-dropping graphics and characters.

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