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Is statistics a tough nut to crack for you? Check out Statmagic app for iPhone. It helps you to finish your stats homework faster. Without forcing you to learn complex softwares, the app streamlines statistics tests and eliminating repetitive tasks such as calculator punching. You can download Statmagic app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Statmagic app for iPhone is the perfect companion for your statistics class. It has a well-designed user interface tailor-made for statistical calculations. Input validation and warning messages are provided to help prevent simple mistakes. Press and hold definitions give you quick reference. Memorable example problems detail the concepts beautifully. Flexible answer rounding makes things easier. Extensive help material with plain-language explanations of the core ideas and formulas of statistics makes learning quicker and easier. Automatic graphics and plots help to visualize what’s going on. Statistics requires lots of visualization and the app serves you well on that front.

Statmagic app for iPhone also comes with 11 calculators. Each covers the most common topics in intro stat classes, and comes with individual help pages and specific example problems. These are: Descriptive stats (mean, quartiles, standard deviation, etc.), Probabilities (Z and T scores) from the normal distribution, One- and two-sample tests of mean (Z and T tests), One- and two-sample tests of proportion, Confidence intervals for a mean or a proportion, Minimum N, Simple linear regression, and Chi-squared (handles up to a 7×7 matrix). You can use the calculators to learn the concepts virtually anywhere anytime. The app is totally ad-free and requires no further in-app purchase. In terms of performance, we found Statmagic for iPhone to be pretty stable and accurate. The UI design is user friendly. Every aspect is optimally presented on the screen. It requires iOS 10.3+.


Statmagic app for iPhone helps you to learn statistical concepts quickly and easily. It has means to warn you if you’re about to make mistakes, while memorable example problems explains the concepts thoroughly. The help section provides plain-language explanations of the core ideas and formulas. The graphs and plots help you to visualize the concept that you’d just learnt. The app also comes with 11 calculators that cover the most common topics in intro stat classes. We found the app to be technically accurate in terms of what it teaches. You can trust the results. Overall, a nice mathematical app that walks you through the concepts of statistics in an easy to understand manner.

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