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Puzzles are meant to puzzle you; to force you to scratch your brains. PUSH game for iPhone is one such entertaining puzzle that comes without any tutorials, and there are no points to fight for either. It is just about enjoying the game, and attempt to solve the puzzle challenge at your own pace. You can download PUSH game for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

PUSH for iPhone, as the name suggests, require you to push all the buttons in the given puzzle. It’s a 3D object challenge as you need to figure out how to push all the buttons. Like the other games such as “Klocki”, “Zenge”, “Hook” and “Art of Gravity by the developer, PUSH for iPhone also got a 3D rendering with a dash of optical illusion magic going on. The minimal art style is simple and pleasing at the same time. The no-frills color palettes consisting of soft pastels and various shades of white, gray, and black is beautiful to say the least. The subtle glows of the buttons as you push them is a treat to watch.

While it’s not a perspective puzzle like Monument Valley, the angle at which you view things in PUSH depend on how the object is rotated. If you approach the game with an open mind, you’ll start to enjoy the game play with no directions to lead you. You got to learn the rules as the puzzles went along, and that is going to be serious fun. It is also not so hard on the players. When a new concept is being introduced, the level is simplified. Only in the subsequent levels that the puzzle gets tougher. The game play is entertaining. The level design is also done decently. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. PUSH game requires iOS versions 7.0 or higher.

Final Take

PUSH for iPhone is challenging and fun. But it is a bit short. You can probably finish it off in less than a day. But there is an element of logic in each level, and nothing seems to be random. Its difficulty levels are manageable. The 3D graphics with a dash of optical illusion is impressive. The minimal art style makes the game visually beautiful. It is also stable. Overall, a nicely made puzzle game with a new concept.

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