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Ingenious for Android is an interesting board game inspired concept with beautiful graphics and exciting game play. It is also about strategy meaning it gets your brain working full time. The game can be downloaded for $0.49 from Google Play Store.


Ingenious – The Board Game for Android keeps you entertained for hours on end. A comprehensive tutorial introduces players to the game and its rules for playing it. The game has hexagonal tiles comprising of six different symbols, which can be played by up to four players. But there is an additional rule for a solo player as well as a 4-player game play. That is, every individual player will have his own rack with six different chosen tiles. These tiles have to be kept secret and not to be seen by other players. The board has a hexagonal shape. The two outermost rings are for the third and fourth players. The traditional game rule requires the youngest of the players to make the first move. But you can change this rule to suit your requirements.


Ingenious game for Android provides hours of absolute fun, excitement, and strategic thinking as you play it with your friends and family. The core aspect of the game play is to block your opponent in completing lines of colored tiles. Interestingly, the game is not about achieving the highest score. But who got only few colors left at the end. You must wisely use up the colors for a chance to winning. Ingenious for Android has three game modes: easy, medium or hard. You can choose the mode you’re comfortable with. Your objective is to strategically think of how you’re going to lessen or totally remove all the colors by blocking your opponents. Once you gain expertise, you can compete in Tournament wherein you go against the clock in few rounds. It is also worth trying out the Solitaire feature. The graphics in the game is impressive. The game is also stable and responsive.


Ingenious for Android is an exciting strategic abstract board game that will keep you entertained for minutes on end. The game play concept is simple enough to grasp. The tutorial teaches you the nuances of the game play. Graphics is decent to say the least. You can opt to play tournaments if you are feeling competitive. In tourneys, you can also choose to play against the clock in some of the rounds. We found the game to be largely slick and responsive as well. Check it out if you are a fan of strategic board games.

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