Earn to Die Game App for Android Review

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Earn to Die game for Android is about combating the zombie apocalypse. You got to think quickly and react fast in order to brush through the hordes of zombies that are blocking you way to the evacuation area. The app can be downloaded for $0.15 from Google Play Store.


Earn to Die Android game app begins with the players seeing hordes of zombies throughout the area he is in, when a radio announcement is made requesting all survivors to head to Airfield B-13 for emergency evacuation. Now you got to dash through the hordes to reach the evacuation center before it is too late. But it is not an easy task as its sounds. You got to have the right vehicles with proper defense facilities to smash through the mob. Every player starts out with an old worn-out car and little cash in hand. But your mission becomes clearer as you smash through the hordes of zombies blocking your way. The more zombies you take down, the more cash you’ll pocket and you can use the money to unlock and upgrade customizable vehicles. You can equip them with a gun, or boosters, or even a spiked frame to defend against zombies.


Players have the freedom to choose their vehicles. The game provides eight of them that include a truck, a school bus, and a race car. As you drive through the hordes, your vehicle’s front bumper helps in putting down the zombies blocking your way. You can see the zombies fly away as you drive through them. The game also has a Championship mode wherein you race against the clock. The graphics of Earn to Die for Android is awesome. The ragdoll physics engine does a good job in making the action scenes realistic. The animations are slick and smooth. The game requires Android OS 2.2+.


Earn to Die for Android is an exciting game wherein you drive through zombie hordes to a safe location. The only way forward is to kill the zombies and earn cash in the process, which can then be used to upgrade your vehicles. Without upgrading your vehicles at the right time, you can’t survive in the game. The animations are realistic and smooth. We also found the game to be slick and responsive. Check it out if you are a fan of zombie games.

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