Star Knight Game for Android Review

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Those who don’t want easy games may check out Star Knight for Android. It combines brilliant graphics with adventure, action and challenges to provide a delightful gaming experience to the players. You can download Star Knight game app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Star Knight Game for Android has this central character fearlessly walking around his beautiful planet, which is besieged by aliens. Planet Gaon never enjoyed its peace after it was attacked by the Dark Dragon Nidhog, who took away the sun and allowed other monsters to attack the planet, and completely threatened their peace. Everyone in the planet is tortured as their freedom is denied. Now it is up to Naro the knight to fight the aliens and restore order in the planet. Of course, it is not an easy task as he is besieged from all sides by aliens trying to halt his progress.
The game features different enemies with different capabilities. Your ultimate mission is to kill all the enemies and restore peace in the region. To make it more interesting, the game is divided into stages, each having several traps to negate and enemies to kill. If you keep focused, you can easily recognize visual traps. Dangerous foes are all along the way, attempting to attack and reduce your life. But using the numerous health restoring items you’ll find on the way, you can keep your Knight healthy and sound. You only got to make sure that you collect them when you come across one.


Star Knight for Android is simple enough and enjoyable, provided you remain focused on the game play. As you progress, however, the game becomes tougher. Hence it is important that you upgrade your skills, weapons, and equipments as you progress through the stages. You can collect runes to claim more powerful and impressive skills, while collecting hidden items and jewel chests makes you more powerful. The graphics is gorgeous to say the least. The game is also stable. Star Knight requires Android OS 2.3+.


Star Knight for Android provides beautiful and memorable adventures to keep you entertained. It is pretty addictive as you’ll find it difficult to put it down once start playing. The game play is fun as well as challenging, especially as you advance through the stages. The graphics is beautiful. We found the game to be slick and responsive as well. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a challenging platformer.

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