INKS iPhone Game App Review

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INKS for iPhone reinvents the pinball game for a new generation. It combines the joy of pinball with skilful tactical challenges, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas. Interestingly, the game is not about racking up a high score. You can get the game for $1.99.


Each level in INKS game for iPhone looks plain, save few color boxes or circles. To clear a level, you got to use flippers to make the ball hit these colors. If the ball hits the colors, it splashes on the board and the ball leaves a trail wherever it rolls to. The level ends when you manage to hit all the colors. The result is a kind of painting that you can save or share with others. Each level leaves you with an interesting painting. Even us, who does not have much taste in terms of art, found them to be quite beautiful. The basic game play of INKS is like pinball. The two flippers at the bottom of the screen can be controlled by tapping on the right/left side of the screen. There is no permanent death in the game. It rewards you with badges based on the number of strokes you took to finish the game as well as the number of balls lost. If you manage to finish a level in less number of strokes – below the target number of strokes –you’ll be awarded a golden badge with red star.

INKS iPhone Game App Review

INKS iPhone game app has five sets of 24 puzzles. In certain instances, you got to struggle to hit ball at just the right angle to splash certain colors. Of course, there’ll be obstacles on the way denying you a clear view. Some levels features a black hole or two that you need to keep the ball away from. Further, if you let the ball fall between the flippers, you’ll lose a life. The game offers couple of power ups – to slow down time to decide the perfect angle for a stroke, and blockers to save the ball from getting lost. The design aspect is decent, if not great. Apart from the flippers, there is a giant play/pause button at the upper half of the screen. Among the five sets of puzzles, two sets are locked behind IAPs.


INKS app for iPhone certainly stands out among pinball games for its craft and variety. We certainly liked the puzzles and the challenges it posed. The game is ideal to kill time, while keeping you entertained. Some of the levels are only available via IAPs. The graphics does not disappoint. Check it out if you love games in the pinball genre.

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