BabyScope iPhone App Review

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Having a baby is a truly magical experience for any woman. BabyScope for iPhone is an app that allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeats. The app uses iPhone’s integrated microphones to provide you this amazing experience. You can download BabyScope – Listen to fetal heartbeat sound app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


Concept wise, BabyScope for iPhone is a wonderful app that allows you to listen to your child’s heartbeats via your iPhone’s integrated microphone. The app filters and amplifies the heartbeat sound for better clarity. Of course, users can save the recordings to listen it at a later time or date. The app also provides a graphical representation of the baby’s heartbeat sound. You can also share the heartbeat recordings with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or email. It should be noted that the developers advise to use the iPhone in airplane mode to avoid any unnecessary concerns of mobile emissions while recording your child’s heartbeats using BabyScope for iPhone. The app is designed to use in third trimester (weeks 30-40). For users at an earlier stage of pregnancy (before week 28), the chances of success in finding the heartbeat might be lower.

BabyScope iPhone App Review

The UI of BabyScope for iPhone is well designed. The record and speaker buttons are prominently displayed on the interface. It is also easy to share your audio via SNS or email. The tutorial section is pretty detailed. There has been some amount of debate over the efficacy of BabyScope app for iPhone. Hence it is advisable to analyze the pros/cons of the app before actually paying for it. But we felt that for best results, one should use BabyScope for iPhone exactly as instructed by its makers.


BabyScope for iPhone allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat sound with your iPhone’s microphone. You got to hold your iPhone in the position suggested by the app’s developers, and it does the rest. You can record the audio and later share it via Facebook or Twitter. The tutorial is pretty elaborate in explaining the app’s usage. It even provides a sample of mom’s and child’s heartbeat to discern the sounds better. But you always make sure that you use the iPhone in airplane mode while using the app. The UI layout is easy to follow. Check it out if you’re curious about the idea of listening to your child’s heartbeats using your iPhone.

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