Voice Dictation iPhone App Review

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Voice Dictation app is about dictating actions to your iPhone using your voice. It is an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. You can download Voice Dictation app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Voice Dictation app for iPhone offers you a hands-free approach to preparing emails, texting, add text to notes, and even posting on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the process is pretty fast as well. You can complete a sentence much quickly than typing the same using the iPhone keyboard. As per the developers, dictating a sentence using Voice Dictation for iPhone is up to five times faster than conventional typing. The app comes handy when you’re on the move, or simply when you don’t want to type on the keyboard. The app works well for everything from short text messages to longer email messages, and anything in between. Voice Dictation app for iPhone is based on an intelligent speech recognition algorithm that improves with time. That is, it is artificial intelligent to learn your words over time.

Voice Dictation iPhone App Review

Voice Dictation iPhone app also comes with automatic grammar correction, which is handy especially spoken English is at times not so precise on the grammar front. We found the app to be pretty precise in recognizing words and phrases. Voice Dictation app for iPhone also supports multiple languages other than English. This is a boon for non-English speakers from around the globe. The app is also found to be pretty stable. The UI of Voice Dictation app for iPhone is user friendly. The layout is easy to navigate. Voice Dictation app requires iOS versions 7.0 or later.


Voice Dictation app for iPhone is a user friendly voice recognition software that will help you dictate emails and social network postings rather than typing it using the onscreen keyboard. The app is pretty accurate in converting voice to text. Its self learning algorithm learns new words and improves the app’s vocabulary over time. Support for multiple languages comes as a boon to non-English speakers. The UI is well designed and easy to use. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a reliable enough alternative for Siri.

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