iScape iPhone App Review

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iScape for iPhone help you with spectacular landscape designs. It’s a great app for quick and straightforward designs right on the spot, and the app uses actual images to give you the most realistic rendering possible. iScape can be downloaded for $9.99 from iTunes App Store.


iScape for iPhone is a great garden design and landscaping tool. It helps users with visualization images so that they’ll know how the landscaping will look like when completed. That is, the app provides easy-to-use virtual design tools so you can portray your vision at ease. Having a landscape design app to portray your vision right on the spot will help eliminate the guesswork and confusion – which in return – will save you valuable time and money. You just got to simply click and photo and start drag and dropping scapes into your yard. The app also comes handy to contractors who often find it difficult to portray to the client what the completed project will look like before any work is performed. In fact, it’s equally challenging for the customer to portray their vision to the contractor. iScape for iPhone help you solve this problem. The app is also useful in helping you decide what to buy and where to plant it.

iScape iPhone App Review

The UI of iScape for iPhone is thoughtfully designed with its potential users in mind. You can click and new photo or use one from the gallery for the background image. You can use the “Texture Tool” to add or replace ground covers such as grass, mulch, pavers, stones, etc. Further, you can add images to your design using ‘iScape database’. It is also a nice option to add images to ‘favorites’ for faster access. Simply double-tap any image to access the image preferences located at the top tool bar. Of course, you can save and share your design via Camera Roll, Facebook, or Email. In terms of performance, iScape is reasonably stable and responsive. The app requires iOS 8.0+.


iScape app for iPhone allows you to visualize your landscaping designs first, before implementing it. Doing so takes guesswork and confusion out of the equation, especially if the job involves a contractor and yourself. Creating a landscape is easy enough. The app also assists you in deciding as to what to buy or where to plant them. iScape database has an exhaustive collection of images. Last but not the least, when you email a design, it automatically generates a list containing all products in your design so that you don’t have to create on from the scratch. To sum it up, a reliable landscaping app that let you create spectacular landscape designs with ease.

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