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A Shruti Box is an integral part of Indian classical music. Basically, it sustains the melody of another instrument or singer by providing a continuous harmonic bourdon or drone. iShrutiBox is an easy-to-use electronic tanpura for iOS devices. It provides a portable alternative to the physical shruti box that classical musicians or students might need. You can download iShrutiBox – Electronic Tanpura for iPhone and iPad for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Those who doesn’t know, the tanpura is an Indian stringed instrument that provides accompaniment to Indian Classical music performances by providing a continuous drone in a specific pitch. iShrutiBox app for iPhone is, to an extent, an app equivalent to the physical tanpura. It comes with professionally recorded samples. Further, it has all pitches included so that you don’t find the app insufficient in any situation. The concerts, and sometimes, training sessions go on for hours on end. iShrutiBox app for iPhone provides an option to play the shruti in continuous loops. That is, the iShrutiBox won’t time out unless you pause it or exit the app. You can peacefully focus on the music while the app plays the shruti continuously. Not to mention, the app includes +/- Pa/Ma mode.

iShrutiBox Electronic Tanpura for iPhone and iPad Review

iShrutiBox app for iPhone plays the shruti in the background, in case you want to multitask with your iPhone. It is a great deal since if the shruti breaks, the singing is also affected. iShrutiBox app for iPhone got a wonderfully designed UI. The layout is user friendly. It is very easy to pick your options, or set the pitches. The app is also found to be pretty slick and responsive. We’d never encountered any freezes or lags while testing iShrutiBox app for iPhone. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later.


iShrutiBox app for iPhone is a portable app version of the shruti box. It performs reasonably well, and frees you from having to carry a physical shruti box along for every music training session or concert. The continuous loop option comes handy as it won’t stop playing until or unless you pause it or close the app. iShrutiBox app is designed to work in the background. Hence there is no limitation for you to multitask using your iPhone, if required. The UI layout is user friendly. The app is also found to be stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a reliable shruti box app to have in your iPhone.

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