Bomber Genius iPhone Game App Review

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You can’t miss elements of MS Mine Sweeper in Bomber Genius app for iPhone. Here, your objective is to blast your way out of a walled space without harming yourself. Strangely, this is a paid app, even though it could cost you only $0.45. You can download it from iTunes App Store.


Bomber Genius app for iPhone requires that player takes tactical move in labyrinthine path to avoid as well as kill enemies by placing bombs at selected places. It should be kept in mind that such bombs could also kill or injure player, if he is within a certain distance from the blast. To complete each level of the game, you need to find the exit by destroying obstacles – the walls – with bomb. The design of the game has managed to successfully port the old era magic into the modernity that iOS is. The graphics still looks old school and that is what the game is all about. If you’re like me who grew up playing the video games of the 80s, you know what I mean. The sound effects add to the feel of the game. For the younger crop of players, don’t expect modern day dynamics to the game. The game play is slick and smooth. You are racing against the clock and you got three lives per level. If those lives are expired, the game stars all over again. You can view the level, time, score and lives remain on the top of the interface.

Bomber Genius iPhone App Review

Performance wise, the game is stable and responsive. We’d never encountered any freezes while testing it out. The app requires iOS 8.1 or later. Bomber Genius also got an iPad version. To be honest, playing the game on iPad is far more fun than on the smaller screen of your iPhone.


Bomber Genius app for iPhone is a throwback to the 80s, the era of earliest PCs and videogames. The concept is very simple. You blast your way through the enemies and walls without killing yourself. The green color theme looks good. The game play is challenging, yet manageable. It is also pretty smooth and responsive. Check it out if you’re old school like me, who loves games that reminds us of the good old days.

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