Photomyne Pro Album Scanner iPhone App Review

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Sharing a photo in Facebook can be done in few clicks. But no so much for stacks of old photo albums and scrapbooks that are decades old. In fact, most of us don’t bother as scanning them all takes too long or cost too much. But with Photomyne Pro – Album Scanner iPhone for iPhone, you have this work cut down to size at nominal rates. The app help you scan paper photos, and turn them into live digital records. The app costs $4.99.


Photomyne Pro – Album Scanner iPhone for iPhone allows users to scan paper photos, turn them into live digital records, and share them with friends and family. You only got to aim your iPhone to an entire album page or multiple photos scattered on a table, and hold down the camera button for few seconds. The app will intelligently separates individual prints into a digital equivalent. For best results, these are our advice: make sure that the four corners of the photo fits into the frame, place the photos on an uncluttered and clean surface, and hold your iPhone directly over the photos. Photomyne Pro handles the rest, including cropping images automatically and adjusting them to proper angle and proportion.

Photomyne Pro Album Scanner iPhone App Review

In some cases, if the photos are a bit too close together in an album, you might need to give Photomyne Pro little bit of help. You simply tap and hold on the center of a photo, and the app then does its best guess as to where the border of that photo is. Still if it gets wrong, simply drag the corners of the capture area to the correct places using your finger. Photomyne Pro automatically adjusts the photos to make it look the best. In the earlier versions, there were separate color and contrast adjustment sliders. But the current version ditches this approach in favor of a handful of one-tap filters for simplicity. After processing, you can assign the photos a date and name, or even tag friends. You can share the photos in Facebook or email. You can also save them to your camera roll. The app requires iOS 8.0+.


Photomyne Pro for iPhone works predictably with decent results. There were some issues with lighting though, especially if the plastic sheet on the album reflects light. Using Photomyne Pro still requires some effort. But it saves hours over traditional scanning methods. Its price tag of $4.99 is also a worthy bargain, considering the hundreds of dollars you might have to spend otherwise. Overall, an intelligent tool that allows you to convert old photo albums and paper photos into digital format in few clicks.

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