Alto’s Adventure iPhone Game App Review

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Alto’s Adventure for iPhone is a side scrolling endless runner snowboarding game wherein you take on the role of Alto, a snowboarding llama shepherd who must carve to rescue his flock, all the while pulling off simple tricks to rack up points, and dodging obstacles such as rocks and chasms along the way. The game character moves automatically, and you can only control when to jump. It is all about timing. The app may be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


In Alto’s Adventure for iPhone, your character moves automatically through a progressively generated landscape towards the right side of the screen. You got to timely tap on the screen to make it jump over chasms and other obstacles. Hold the screen midair for your character to perform some mid-air tricks. Few power ups are dotted throughout the landscape, along with the coins that help you unlock permanent game play boosts. One of the advantages of Alto’s Adventure for iPhone is that it does not go out of the way to throw in extra features or mechanics that might be difficult to grasp. As your character moves across the landscape, the player can complete some of the game’s 180 goals – though they’re given only three at a time. These include traveling a set distance, rescuing runaway llamas, crossing dangerous gaps, grinding across the rooftops of villages, and outsmarting the mountain elders. You earn rewards for the tasks you complete. You got to perform tricks or combos in quick succession to score big. Later in the game, players can use a wingsuit, which changes some elements of the game. Alto’s Adventure does have no in-app purchase to bother you as well.

Alto’s Adventure iPhone Game App Review

The graphics of Alto’s Adventure for iPhone is magnificent. The environment changes in lighting as time passes through the cycle of the day. It also incorporates realistic weather effects. The game physics is precise. The sound effects augur well with the action unfolding in front of you. Players can compete for higher scores on the Game Center Leaderboards.


Alto’s Adventure for iPhone is a challenging side scroller game with beautiful graphics and challenging enough game play dynamics. You can earn boost ups and coins from within the game, without the requirement for any in-app purchase. The game physics is precise. There are enough goals to achieve means you’re never out of action in the game. The soundtrack is also inspiring. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for an endless side-scroller that combines good graphics, gorgeous sound effects and a game play that is easy enough to learn.

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