Enlight iPhone App Review

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Enlight app for iPhone is a full-fledged photo editing suite from the makers of FaceTune. It is a Swiss knife for all photo editors for it has got almost every feature you lookout for in a photo editing application. The app is pretty powerful like Photoshop on your desktop, but intuitively easy to use as well. You can download Enlight for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


Enlight combines a huge range of tools into a single app. Whether you wish to make simple adjustments to exposure and color in your photo, or get creative with painterly effects and text, the app will satisfy most of your photo editing needs. Its range of features is extensive. So we’re not delving too deep into each option available, but will attempt to highlight the major features you might be interested in. The UI is dark and sleek. This helps to keeps the image in focus rather than the app itself. It quickly loads the camera roll in the bottom ribbon so that it is accessible right from the start. The editing tools are neatly tucked away in the side panel drawer. The app is also capable of keeping ten unsaved sessions by default so that you can go back and make changes later on before finalizing it.

Enlight iPhone App Review

Enlight has a multitude of tools under following categories: Canvas, Image, Filters, Tools, Artistic, Brushes, Text, and Finalize. Click on the categories to expand and view the available choices. Almost all basic editing features are covered under the given categories. The app makes use of intuitive swiping gestures to vary the intensity of each effect. It is pretty accurate as you can observe that the value does not change after you lift your finger off the screen. The app also gives users options to save geolocation data, unsaved session capacity,choose export quality, and delete or reset presets. So, what makes Enlight stand out from the rest? Well, it got a Refit tool that let users to crop the photo from the inside. The app also has tools that reduce noise, brighten underexposed images, and make proper corrections to tone, details, and color. You also got an option to apply tonal effects to parts of an image. You can also get the image to the proper size of Instagram. The Instafit feature does the trick.


From Basic adjustments, filters, detailed corrections, artistic effects, and refitting to collages, fun text and meme stickers, borders, gorgeous Instapaper fitting, and tilt-shift, Enlight has it all that you come to expect in a photo editing app. The Refit tool and the ability to apply local tonal effects are couple of its trademark features. Instafit option takes care of your Instagram exports. The tutorial comes handy to users, given the large number of features the app got. Enlight is also slick and responsive. Overall, Enlight for iPhone is a well rounded photo editing app. If you’re tired of using multiple tools to edit your images on-the-go, then Enlight app is definitely worth a look in, its $3.99 price tag notwithstanding.

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