SamCard Pro iPhone App Review

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SamCard Pro for iPhone helps you effectively handle your business cards after a business meeting or seminar. Using the app, you only got to click high resolution images of visiting cards and they get automatically registered in the contact section of the app. You can get SamCard Pro – Business Card Reader & Business Card Scanner & Visiting Card app for $5.99 from iTunes App Store.


SamCard Pro for iPhone is a fantasic visiting card reader with high recognition accuracy and speed. The app’s functionality is pretty straightforward, and there aren’t any bells and whistles associated with it. Once you choose to add new info, a frame appears onscreen and you just got to hold the business card you wish to photograph up towards the frame. Now, snap a photo with as much precision as you could manage. You’ll be amused to see how the information on the card transforms into a contact without the hassles of manual entry. So, how precise is SamCard Pro for iPhone in reading the contents of a business card? Well, we found it to read all standard formats we usually see. But anything out of the ordinary, a totally new design, and the app has difficulty sorting the right contents in the relevant fields. In such cases, you better enter them manually rather than relying on the app anymore. But such instances are less and most of the times, SamCard Pro does the job for you.

SamCard Pro iPhone App Review

In an ideal case, SamCard Pro for iPhone auto-detects the text orientation and auto-rotate card images. This gives you the flexibility to snap the business cards in either vertical or horizontal orientation. The app is found to be slick and responsive. There is no lag whatsoever in creating the contacts from the image. SamCard Pro requires iOS versions 6.0 or later. The app is also available in a free Lite version.


SamCard Pro for iPhone is ideal for business-class people who tend to meet lots of people in business lunches and meetings. Of course, the functionality is not something new. But the way in which the app helps capture the contents of the business cards makes it a useful addition to your app repository. It is not without its share of shortcomings. But the app is functional nevertheless. It is also easy to use. If you got a stack of business cards lying around on your desk, and you’re procrastinating in organizing them, perhaps this app could extend you a helping hand. Worth checking out.

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