iStudiez Pro App for iPhone Review

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iStudiez is a very comprehensive course management application for the iPhone. This app literally does it all from cataloging semesters, courses and instructors to tasks and grades. iStudiez Pro is a simple tool for iPhone that offers students to import their timetable for easy browsing but also add assignments and schedule exams. The idea is simple; making life a little more organized for students.

Features of iStudiez Pro App

iStudiez Pro app for iPhone has a schedule feature that allows one to import their recurring timetable for faster viewing later.
The app has additional features hidden away in the settings. You can set custom messages that display when there are no classes or events.
It has the optional upgrade feature which allows you to set a grade for each assignment you turn is based on a scale you choose.
There is a data managing feature that allows you to send a data backup via email to restore or move your data around.

iStudiez Pro iphone productivity app

Functionality of iStudiez Pro app

The whole app centers on classes and the timetable. Classes can hold data like timings, locations, notes and tutor all of which are collected into courses. Courses can build up with classes, practical lectures and more. You can also schedule the holidays and iStudiez iPhone application brings in all your events from the built in calendar app also. Classes aren’t just textual listings like in your standard calendar application; instead they are represented with graphics such as breakers or lecterns that look pretty cool.

App Positives

The schedule view is very nice and efficient way of browsing through your timetable manages your day well. Not only will it show you what classes you have, but mark out which ones are next and hide the ones you have already been to. You can set assignments to the courses you have already created and offer due dates, priority and reminders. Assignments also work with push notifications. The design of the app is spectacular. It strays away from the default UI to offer a clean and fresh approach. You can have awesome control on how all of this data gets displayed in iStudiez iPhone mobile application. It has the ability to assign a different color to every course or module as well as including a huge set of icons, iStudiez Pro is as attractive as it is powerful. It is incredibly flexible and it doesn’t matter how you’ve organized your life before, the app will almost certainly work how you want it to. It has a low price and many options and the ability to sync which keeps everything up to date.

App Negatives

Some options can be difficult to find and you need to drill down through menus to find them. Another disadvantage is that the app is clearly designed with the American schooling system in mind. Attempting to run a two week cycle on the schedule features works fine, but can be messed up if you have a week holiday.


iStudiez app for iPhone take a different spin on application design by re-engineering with a custom UI, which works unsurprisingly well. The combination of a blackboard and book container makes the app look like a school-oriented application.

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