SeekDroid App for Android Review

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Ever lose your phone? Those who’ve lost/misplaced their phones at least once in their lifetime will know what a stressful experience that can be. Rather than the piece of hardware, most people will be worried about the fact that those who have stolen/found the phone will now have access to the personal data it contains. SeekDroid app for Android extends you a helping hand in solving some of these issues, if not all, by helping you to track down your phone if it gets stolen or lost. SeekDroid Android application acts as a security administrator, letting you manage the phone remotely in such a scenario. SeekDroid can be downloaded for $0.99.

How SeekDroid app Works?

SeekDroid app for Android is a simple, yet functional smartphone application. The app is easy to install, and works even without a SIM. Since it does not run in the background (as it does not frequently scan for malware unlike some similar apps in the market), it does not have any effect on the battery life as well.

SeekDroid App for Android

Once installed, you need to register, and might require to toggle certain permissions such as giving the app permission to format your SD card. The rest of SeekDroid’s core functionalities come in conjunction with its website If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can access the website, and pinpoint the location of your phone on a map. You can either opt to wipe the phone clean of all personal information, or activate an audible alarm with customizable messages flashing on the screen.

One most important feature of the application is that users can opt to hide Seek Droid from the app drawer – from the website – or disable its removal altogether.

Final Thoughts

SeekDroid app for Android is designed for everyday users, who worries about the security of their phone or information saved in the device, in the event of it getting misplaced/ lost. The app offers what it promises. And it does not run in the background draining your battery. Verdict: Try SeekDroid app, if you’re looking for a new mobile security application for your Android smartphone.

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