iTranslate Voice App for iPhone Review

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Sometimes not knowing a language can put obstacles in your communication, business or personal affairs. Now imagine one application that can convert your own language to different languages as per requirement. The application which can do this kind of job is known as iTranslate Voice app and it’s meant for iPhone users. Perhaps this app can solve your all quarries regarding translating words in one or the other languages.

iTranslate Voice App Features

Installing iTranslate Voice app in your iPhone will give access to have translation of words in different languages. You can just speak in one language and it will translate it to another. This application is supporting more 42 languages across globe. You can instantly start a voice-to-voice conversation into one of the languages and dialects. This also supports in getting right words and phrases in languages, you can look up for word and phrase definitions and translations which are commonly used, just using your voice command. By using this, you can also share the translated script with your friends & on social networking sites like Twitter etc. It works on real time basis that means no time lag in voice translating. You can use this as writing instruments, what you need to do is that to speak and it will type it all. It has a feature like air translate, in that devices can be connect together and can be easily engage in conversation.

iTranslate Voice App for iPhone

iTranslate Voice iPhone app is beautiful application in the area of language and media, it breaks language barriers and support free flow communication, Also if it can support more languages compare to what it currently supports and process voice inputs fast more accurately, it will get more popularity among users. iTranslate Voice app for iPhone (current version-2.0) is a paid application which can be downloaded for $0.99 from Apple iTunes website. The app size is 7.7 MB.


Certainly application like iTranslate Voice app for iPhone is breaking barriers and allows users to cross the limits, if you are a person that interacts with people beyond your location or country having different languages. This app can be more helpful in that situation. Verdicts: Definitely recommended.

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