Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro App for Android Review

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With technology advancement, our phones and tabs are very much in prone to viruses, malware, and spyware. Thus the need for advanced mobile security antivirus is already there. Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro app from AVG mobile technologies is one of the best premium antivirus softwares available in Android market. The app can be downloaded for $10.49 from Google Play Store.

Features of Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro

The basic purpose of an anti virus is to keep your smart devices secured; Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro will provide a lot more than that. It will scan your documents, keep spam mails away, stop pop-up windows, identify unsecured devices and prompt before installation. The app will allow having safe and secured web surfing, also keep your personal details secure from malwares, spywares. One very good feature of the app is that it can stop all programs which are taking more memory, resulting in slowdown of device. Other features which are worth noticing are check on data usage, optimization of storage memory, quarantine malwares and trojan horse. You can also schedule its run for daily or as per requirement to keep your device secured, it’s also updated its virus database time to time. Features like app locker, app backup, memory clean-up will also come up handy in day to day routine.

Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro App for Android

Although, Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro Android app is a good antivirus but the amount of space it takes to install is bit high and that can result in slow down of mobiles with less internal memory. Scanning time is also a bit longer compare to others but if you chose quick or specific scan, it work flawlessly.


Your search for a good mobile antivirus can come to end just by installing this Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro app for Android from AVG technologies. Though this is a paid application, it is worth every penny to have a good antivirus in your device to keep it secured at all times. Verdict: Worth to install app to have safe and secure devices and data.

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