iTranslate Voice – Translator & Dictionary iPhone App Review

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Chat or speak in any desired language you choose with anyone from any part of the world. With iTranslate Voice – Translator & Dictionary for iPhone, the language barrier for communications and conversations have been completely eliminated as long as you have your smart phone within your palms. The app detects the language you speak or type and translates it to your preferred one within a jiffy. Costing $6.33 in the App Store, iTranslate Voice for iPhone certainly becomes very handy for all those who require conversing in a foreign language often.


iTranslate Voice iPhone app provides access to translations and transliterations of more than 40 languages spoken around the world. The application recognizes both text and voice inputs providing very quick results for the same. Even while housing these large set of languages and its associated features, iTranslate is extremely easy to use and function. Only a few touches or gestures are required to obtain all the necessary results or translations. Right from the home screen itself, you can view or select the original language and the language to be translated. To change the preset language to your preferred one, swipe the bottom handle upwards and select from the dropdown list displayed. Once the language is set, tap on the country flag chosen and speak up the desired phrase to be translated. As soon as you finish, the translated sentence will be displayed on the screen as text along with an audio translation for better recognition process. The volume and speed levels of these audio renditions can be adjusted from the settings tab.

iTranslate Voice - Translator & Dictionary iPhone App Review

Text translations can be activated by holding down the microphone icon for a few seconds. A dictionary feature is also enabled where certain particular words can be corrected or replaced with more appropriate ones. Another major highlight of iTranslate Voice iPhone app is the ‘Air Translate’ feature. This actually lets you pair your iPhone with another similar device wirelessly and right away chat or converse in any desired language. The users at the two ends can speak or type in their desired language and watch them being translated instantaneously according to their preference. In addition to these, the application also comprises of a lot of customization options like shake to speech, auto detections, transliterations and so on which can activated and adjusted according to the user’s need and liking. iTranslate Voice required iOS 7 or later.


iTranslate Voice for iPhone belongs to one of those ‘wow’ applications which you wished you had in your iPhone. Business conversations, conversing while travelling in a foreign land, chatting with a person from other location, learning a new language etc are now made very much easier, all thanks to this incredible app.

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