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If you are someone who is not that motivated about running/jogging in the morning/evening, even if you are forcefully put in an exercise regime by your spouse, you might need an app like iTreadmill. iTreadmill app for iPhone is a virtual treadmill application that reads your steps, and tells you how much calories have been burnt. The app is also intelligent to pause when you take a break in between. In short, it is like a virtual treadmill that you carry with you all the time in your iPhone. iTreadmill application is available for download from AppStore for a modest $0.99 per license.


To start with, iTreadmill iPhone app got a very user friendly interface and menus. Even a first timer won’t have any issues fiddling with it after going through the inbuilt help guide. Performance wise as well, the application is quick and robust, and returns the best results most of the times.

Review of iPhone iTreadmill app

In order to use it, you have to calibrate it for your stride. Different people walk differently, and hence it is important to let the app learn how long your stride is. Add your weight to the parameters, and the app will calculate the calories burned during your walks or runs. The app measures the following parameters with the aid of iPhone’s accelerometer ; Distance (miles/km), Current Pace, Average Pace (entire run), Current Speed/Average Speed (suitable units), Calories, Strike Rate (steps/min), Step Count, and Elapsed Time.

Further, the iPhone iTreadmill application will beep to keep you in a set pace (if you idle a bit on the way and your strides start to lose) or alert you if a certain distance has being covered. Unlike the physical treadmills, iTreadmill app also provides to the user Customizable parametric views, the Run History table, graphs, alongside Step Count and Strike Rate measurements. In iTreadmill, it is also possible to set a goal and the application will show/alert you on your daily progress towards the goal.


Overall, iTreadmill app for iPhone turns out to be a very reliable fitness app for iPhone, in terms of accuracy, robustness, and ease of use. At just $0.99, it is quite affordable as well. Don’t forget to count the steps that you’ve taken; you will be amazed at the number you see on the screen at the end of the run.

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