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Wolfram Alpha is an academic’s delight. It is a comprehensive computational engine that does virtually anything and everything from scientific calculations, simulations, and biological structure modeling to engineering analysis, mathematical modeling, graphical analysis, and even complex mathematics solutions. It relies on its vast built-in data, algorithms, and methods to provide precise answers to your queries. Now it is available as an iPhone app, which brings the power of Wolfram Alpha to your fingertips. The Wolfram Alpha app for iPhone comes at a very reasonable price tag of $2 per license.

The App

The iPhone Wolfram Alpha app interface features a search bar and nothing else. However, click on the search bar, and it’ll present you with a handy and ridiculously packed 7-row keyboard. Type anything on the search box and you’ll see the universe of unlimited information unfolding before you.

iPhone Wolfram Alpha app

To explain the entire features of Wolfram Alpha will take weeks to compile. But, if to mention few, like in its web version, the app returns short, but comprehensive enough, results to your search queries. It returned graphs of mathematical functions clearly, so are the chemical structures of compounds searched. Interpretations of musical notes as input were answered with music notations and corresponding keyboard display. However, these are just the tip of iceberg, and in order to understand the various features of Wolfram Alpha, the app provides a set of examples that lets you realize what all are really in store for you. Go through them to find out what you need to do to get the results you want.

Every result rendered by iPhone Wolfram Alpha application can be share via Twitter, SMS or email. It is also possible to copy text from an image for easy attaching to email or SMS. The app even lets you search online for more results by typing the search term/result in the native Safari browser. However, the Wolfram Alpha is not without its share of shortcomings. The graphics lacks in size/quality. If expanded, the image gets pixilated often than not. Also, on using the app for a while, the headers of previous search screens start to linger. Hope that is a bug, and soon will be fixed by the Wolfram team.

Final Thoughts

Wolfram Alpha app for iPhone brings with it all the core functionalities that make Wolfram Alpha the computational engine that we all know. Academicians, researchers, students, and even the curious common man will certainly find this app a handy problem solver in their iPhones. And given its umpteen features, the $2 price tag is never too costly. Instead, it is quite more than reasonable.

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