PayPal App for Blackberry Review

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If you are a person who relies on PayPal for your financial transactions at some level, the PayPal app for Blackberry would come handy for you any day. PayPal app for Blackberry virtually does everything that its online version does. The PayPal application can be downloaded free of cost.

Features of PayPal Blackberry App

In order to use the PayPal app for Blackberry, first you need to register for your PayPal account online. Since the app is going to deal with your personal information, including bank account number, they are not taking any chances. The security measures are stringent at best, and involve multiple steps to start with.

If you have registered a security token to use with PayPal portal, it comes handy here as well. That is, you need to append the current code of the token to your password, in order to use PayPal for Blackberry. It might not be easy to type in all these numbers/characters from a small keyboard though.

PayPal app for Blackberry

Further, Blackberry PayPal app has a quick time out duration. If you happen to leave the phone around after logging into the PayPal app, the application signs out by itself after few minutes/seconds if there is no activity.

Once you sign in into the PayPal app, you’ll see four tabs: one for current account balance, account history, one tab to send money to someone, and one to change/edit your account settings. The history tab tracks your transaction history, and details from where you’ve received money, and to whom all you’ve sent money to. The balance screen displays your current account balance in dollars/pounds.

Sending the money is also easy. All you need is a phone number or email of the recipient, and add the money in the currency of choice, and on confirmation the PayPal Blackberry application will transfer the money to your chosen contact.

Final Thoughts

PayPal app for Blackberry frees gives an alternate option to transact money other than via PayPal website. It is secure, easy to use, and well designed for most parts. Even if you tend to use it once in a month or so, still it is worth having in your Blackberry given the utility it brings with it. The PayPal application for Blackberry is downloadable free of cost from PayPal website.

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