Jamie’s Recipe App for iPhone Review

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Jamie’s Recipe app for iPhone is about letting you guys choose the extra recipes you want, when you want them. Here you get free taster pack or recipes to get started and then extra packs are available to purchase from the Recipe Store.

Features of Jamie’s Recipe iPhone App

  • The store has seven all new packs and for those of you who haven’t tried his 20 minute meals, it has been broken down into bite size packs.
  • Each recipe is really easy to follow with beautiful step by step photography so that it won’t go wrong.
  • Shopping list has been included that makes life breeze, sorts ingredients by aisle and lets you shop off items as you shop.
  • There is a new provision of including your own custom items so that everything you need gets in one place.
  • Another essential feature is the ‘Essentials’ section.

Jamie’s Recipe App for iPhone


Jamie’s Recipe App for iPhone includes 12 free recipes, many of which are delicious, including beef and Guinness stew with dumplings. It also includes a video about knife skills and how to properly secure a cutting board. There is a crafted library of recipes where you can select a recipe set or browse and make purchases from available selection. There is a great photography and quality design incorporated which is not just skin deep. The interface design of Jamie’s Recipes application is exemplary and consistent. The dark paneled backgrounds works really well alongside the notepad of the shopping list and clean menus has been provided. The inclusion of high quality photographs, videos and hand-made looking step by step instruction cards are some of the notable highlights. The pricing is fair as a good amount of high quality content is included with each pack and you can check to see whether you like the sound of recipes included beforehand.


Jamie’s Recipes iPhone app seemed less about developing great cooking skills and more about selling things to make the already rich chef richer. Following the recipes is not easier and there is the lack of hands free functionality.


Overall Jamie’s Recipes is an excellent iPhone application that could truly make a difference in the way you can cook and eat. It is a brilliant kitchen companion that features good food, a superb shopping list function and fantastic video content from the man himself who could change the way you cook forever.

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