Joggy Coach App for iPhone Review

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Although the title of Joggy Coach app for iPhone would imply that it was made for jogging activities, the fact of the matter is that this app is a lot more special than just any other jogging app that you might come across.

Collect extensive statistics

Most jogging applications will track basic information for you and Joggy Coach mobile app is no exception to this rule as far as statistical tracking is concerned. You can get information on your total distance, your time, your speed, your average speed and the amount of calories that you’ve just burned. However, what makes iPhone Joggy Coach app so amazing is the fact that it will go far beyond that in order to give you so much more.

For example, you can get your instant speed at the time you look at the iPhone screen. You can get the speed over the course of the last mile or kilometre that you’ve run. You can get a histogram showing you your speed over the course of the exercise. You can even get information about how well you are keeping up to your pace. If all that were not enough, you can even get a quality of the GPS signal indicator that will show you how accurate all of the statistics just mentioned are. Not only does this app give you lots of information, but it will tell you how good that information actually is.


Collect information on any time trial

Don’t think for a moment that jogging is the only thing that you can use Joggy Coach iPhone application for. If you are someone that prefers long distance walking to jogging, you can use this app to track your walking as well. If you are a sprinter, once again this app can come in handy. Is the foot not really your main method of transportation? There is no problem with that either. You can very easily use Joggy Coach to track information about biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and automobile racing. No matter what your time trial pleasure may be (speed skating perhaps?), you can get this app to work for you.

Final Score

We don’t give them out often, but Joggy Coach app for iPhone gets a final score of 10 out of 10. If you download this app and utilize it to its full potential, you will have everything you could ever need for your cardiovascular exercise statistics because this app will quite literally do everything but run the race for you.

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