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The Pocket God app is a mobile application for iPhone created by Bolt Creative. It is a very good example on the app that is hovering on the threshold to greatness, but also needs something a little bit better in order to help push it over the edge.

Become the god of an island

Most people have thought about playing god in their lives in once sense or another. Power is attractive and for that reason many people may have thought about what they would do if they had that kind of power. In iPhone Pocket God app, you get a chance to see what that might be like visually by actually taking control of your own island and all of the people that are living inside that island.

Torment your people to no end

There are many things that you can do in order to torment the people on the island that you have taken control of. You can pick a person up and fling them into the air, watching what happens as they fall helplessly back down to the ground. You can take some of your own lightning powers and simply fry one person where they stand. You can tilt your iPhone and force them all to fall into the ocean and drown.


You can throw people into the volcano which is where the biggest challenge of the game is. It is a difficult toss, but if you manage to get it right three times in a row there will an eruption that terrifies the island’s inhabitants and forces them all to flee into the ocean where they drown. If you run out of people on the island, simply create more and do it all over again.

Problems with replayability

Although Pocket God app for iPhone is certainly a playable game that can be fun in the short run, there are issues about whether it is a replayable game that can be fun in the long run. Bolt Creative has promised updates on a regular basis and it is these updates that will answer that question. Right now, you can torment the islanders once or twice but eventually it will get boring and old. You can’t really do anything good for them, so the dichotomy that a god game should have is not there yet.

Final Score

Pocket God iPhone app has a lot of potential, but right now gets a final score of 7 out of 10. If it improves on the problems mentioned above, it can get a higher score.

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