Lose It iPhone App Review

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Want to keep your diet on the go? Lose It is a perfect iPhone app designed specially for dieters. Lose It is a comprehensive nutritional tracker app that help you keep a day by day food and exercise schedule right on your iPhone device. The simple app is integrated with striking as well as streamlined interface.

Stay on Track with Lose It App for iPhone

Maintain a successful weight loss program with iPhone Lose It app. The app helps you to set goals and maintain a daily calorie budget. You can stay on track each day by keeping your food and exercise schedule and maintain your budget. Entering your schedule is easy through a searchable database.

When you first launch the Lose It mobile application, you have to enter some details including age, gender, current weight, set goals and so on. Based on the information you provided, Lose It calculate a daily calorie budget for you. You can enter your food and activity details for each day. The app has built-in huge food database and you can easily find the food you want to enter. The database includes brand name foods as well as chain restaurant menu items. The app also provides the facility to add custom food items and related nutritional information. You can also enter a new food item and it will be stored for you.


One of the nicest features of Lose It iPhone app is the visual display of your calorie intake details. There is a slider that shows the calories you have eaten in a day and how many calories left. The more option allows you to modify the nutrients you wish to track. The app will calculate these nutrients daily and weekly as per your preference. You can also add your exercise details in daily log. The calories you lose by the exercise will be added to your daily allowable calorie schedule. It will help you to loss weight based on the extra calories. If you correctly enter your weight as often, your weight loss success will be displayed via a graph.


For everyone who wants to successfully maintain their nutrition and weight goals, Lose It is an ideal iPhone app. The app will definitely help you to control your food intake, maintain calorie budget and get your weight loss success in the simplest way. In addition you can setup a free Lose It account to back-up your data, get more detailed online reports, setup email reports, share your progress on Twitter or Facebook and more.

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