Nike Training Club App for iPhone Review

| April 25, 2010 | 0 Comments has become a celebrated website for women’s fitness issues, mostly because of the great online community that has coalesced around it. The Nike Training Club app for iPhone is essentially an accompaniment program to that online website.
Profile requirements need to be met

Since the iPhone Nike Training Club is indeed an app that is meant to compliment your online membership, you will need to create a free account at before you can make use of this particular application. Once you’ve done that however, you can choose your preferred workout and then send information to friends and family in order to get them to track you throughout the regimen.

Choose a workout style and type

Before you can actually start the workout features that Nike Training Club iPhone app has to offer, you need to choose a type of workout and a style of workout. The type of workout refers to the actual set of exercises that you will be performing and could be a Core workout, a cardio workout or anything else that is available at the time that you are using the app. The style of workout refers to how hard you are willing to go at fitness right now. The three settings are casual, committed and intense and for the most part those settings are self-explanatory and the one that you want should be easy to see depending on the level of mental commitment that you have to working out.


Look at workout videos and exercise

Once you’ve gone through all of the settings, the Nike Training Club mobile application will help you by sending you videos of the exercises that are part of the workout settings that you just indicated in the previous steps. You can then do your workout according to those videos while at the same time keeping to the same schedule and specifications that were calculated for you based on the information that you gave this app in the previous section.

Final Score

Overall, we’ve given Nike Training Club app for iPhone a final score of 7 out of 10. Some people have enjoyed this application, but it didn’t really wow us. There are many other sites out there with good workout videos. There are also many iPhone apps that are great workout helpers in terms of keeping information about schedules and statistics. In addition to that, this is one of the few that actually will not work unless you create an account with a website and that is always going to be something that lowers the score in this competitive field.

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