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Voting has always been a hit or miss process in which getting most of the people in the country interested has always been difficult. Issues do move voters, but so many voters feel jaded with the system and therefore feel like they can’t really do anything to make a difference. The people that have created Visible Vote app for BlackBerry feel differently and would like the chance to prove it to the world.

Let everyone know

Visible Vote BlackBerry app allows you to use your handheld device to actually send a letter to the people in the US Congress that represent you based on geographical location. You can also monitor those people to see what votes they’ve cast in terms of issues that are important to you. You can even take part in the virtual vote process by voting on those same issues and then seeing how the votes from your district compare with the votes of the people that are representing your district. This in turn can inform your votes on the approval ratings of the legislators which can be made through the exact same system.

See the results

Putting your own thoughts into the system by voting on issues and approval is definitely something that you can do, but it is really the ability for you to see how things work in terms of monitoring that makes Visible Vote BlackBerry app as powerful as it is.

You can see how all of the people in your riding have voted on the issues and then compare that information to the votes cast by the legislators. You can see the real time approval ratings of those same people by seeing how the people with this app have voted. You can see the votes that have been cast by geographical region, party affiliation and many other things. You can even follow the social networking scene by seeing what your legislators are doing on Twitter. With all of this power at your fingertips, it really is about keeping things between voters and legislators transparent.

Final Score

Visible Vote app for BlackBerry gives you the power to directly affect the democracy that you care so much about. The more people they get using the service, the more powerful it will actually become. Since it is also free to use and profitless for the creators, it becomes easy to see just how powerful BlackBerry Visible Vote app can be. Our final score for Visible Vote mobile app is 9 out of 10.

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