Lay claim to the planet with World War MMO App for Android

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In the World War MMO app for Android by Storm 8, you’ll find that the year 2012 came with apocalypse but that apocalypse was a human-created nuclear war. Now that the ashes of the war have started to settle, there are five nations vying for control of the planet, but as the old saying goes only one of them can be successful.

Take the reigns as a general

If you ever fancied yourself an intelligent military commander, you can now get the chance to prove it by taking the helm of your country of choice. Choose from playing as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China and Russia. Once you have your country of choice chosen, you can then go ahead and start defending your first base from enemy invaders. After the base has been defended, you can then join together with your fellow fighters in order to take your country from its humble beginnings through the aftermath of the war and to the eventual final status of world’s only superpower. Countries on that list have enjoyed that status before, but now it is your job to make sure that they have the ability to enjoy it again.

MMO meets World War Gaming

If you take World War Two gaming and put it 70 years into the future in terms of the technology that is available, you begin to approach the level of what you can expect to find in the World War Android game app. You can build your base into something bigger and better to get more units and then you can use that army to expand your territory and destroy forces from all of the other countries that dare to oppose your eventual march to world domination. The fact that you can ally with your own people to make your factions bigger and stronger is a fact that truly allows you to experience everything great that Android World War mobile game application has to offer.

Final Score

People love MMO gaming. People also love World War gaming. Now, you can experience both of those things with stunning visuals right on your mobile Android device. This is simply a great way for you to experience a level of gaming that few other games for the mobile device have been able to reach. Our final score for World War Two MMO Android game app is 9 out of 10.

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