Review of the Cash Cab Lite App for iPhone

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Cash Cab Lite app for iPhone is exactly what the name of this app would imply. It is a gaming app that you can use to simulate the experience of being in the actual Cash Cab. The Cash Cab iPhone app is of course that famous game show where people get into a cab, driving around the city of New York and being given general trivia questions by the driver in order to win amazing cash prizes. The cash is play money only in this game, but with a free download you could be having loads of fun.

Get the real experience

One of the reasons that iPhone Cash Cab app game show is so fun is the fact that it is far more intense than many of the other game shows out there. The questions are not necessarily harder or easier, but the stakes rise and the cash cab meter runs and as both of those things happen the questions obviously get harder. The catch is that three wrong answers mean the end of the ride on the Cash Cab, regardless of where in the city you actually are. Do you think you’d play better if the prospect existed of having to walk home from some random spot in New York? You’re damn right you would!

Free and a paid version

Final Score for now, we’ll give Cash Cab Lite iPhone app a final score of 7 out of 10

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